Industries We Serve


Our returnable system is being utilized for shipping complete CKDs of sedans, small cars, pickup trucks, SUVs and luxury vehicles. We can design systems to suit any specific CKD Kit quantities.

 Packaging Advantage: Our returnable C-Kontainer packaging system can reduce your existing disposable packaging costs by 25% for any large program. Our system is designed so that customers  require 15% less number of boxes to pack a  complete project in comparison to previously used disposable packaging.
 Logistical Solutions: We have been able to increase cubic utilization by up to 94% in sea containers for our customers. Second, there are more parts per packaging within sea containers thereby  reducing total number of boxes by over 17% for the whole program. Another reason for this reduction in cost is lower warehousing costs since our system is designed for complete outdoor storage.  Third our RFID tags can enable you to track your CKDs and parts on a real time basis including tracking the returnable packaging itself.
 Process Benefit: We work with our clients to reduce double handling of parts for exports. We strive to design C-Kontainer systems so parts can be packed and unpacked directly on the production lineor at suppliers facilities. 

Our services are valued by our customers which includes OEM's and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. Some of our customers include General Motors (7 countries), Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Daimler AG, Suzuki, Tata Motors, Mercedes and many others.

Industrial Products

Our packaging solutions have been utilized for shipping machinery, electronics, semi-conductor products and various other applications.

 Example 1: Bullet proof vehicles in SKD form in sea containers.

 Example 2: 6 meters length, 4 meters width and 3 meters height heavy machinery weighing 16 tons, which needed packaging to open and close at repeated intervals for rework and must do so within           3 minutes.

 Example 3: Fragile electronics/semi conductor products which needed suspension system within packaging to absorb shocks from repeated air freight's.

 Example 4: Parts for planes, trains and golf course carts.

 Example 5: Currency notes, bank coins, paintings, thousand year old statues and of course household goods.

Essentially, any thing that needs to be moved, we can design packaging to ship it.

Food, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

We offer complete racking systems designed to suit any assembly line requirements.

 Steel: Stainless steel containers for aseptic packaging needs.

 Collapsible: Collapsible reusable liquid containers with disposable bags.

 UN Specified: Pressurized UN specification containers for chemicals, liquids and gases.

 IBC: Large capacity IBC for up to 750 gallons storage and shipping (i.e. fish and meat handling baskets and bins; gravity fed hopper style containers for granulates, liquids and semi solids.)