Vendor Inventory Management

Our VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) process provides a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties are able to smoothly and accurately control the flow of goods. Controlling the risk of inventory for our customers is essential hence why our extensive planning, managing of product from different vendors, warehousing and assembly lines with "just in time" models aim to help the overall flow of goods.

Packaging Services

As being a packaging specialist company, we are able to develop processes that are most efficient because of better designs that we strive to implement. Therefore, for the most efficient handling of our client's products in both shipping and receiving locations, or to avoid double handling of product, we are also available globally. Our experienced work force is globally available to provide packaging designs, as well as packaging services and implementation.

End to End Solutions

Our goal is to reduce packaging and freight costs and become more environmentally friendly with our 'green packaging solutions'. We provide end to end logistics with extensive planning which take into account the product, manufacturing process , transportation, environmental factors and timelines of our clients needs. Ckdpack has been successful in reducing freight costs by over 25%. Our custom dunnage has set new industry standards from the acceptable 2.2% to 1% in product damages during shipping.

Rent / Lease Packaging

We understand the cost of purchasing reusable customized packaging may be extensive hence why our crates, racks and containers can be leased monthly or rented on a per component basis. Our goal is to reduce our customer's costs with our reusable packaging.

Packaging Design and Testing

From design concept to prototyping we extensively test our products which experiments that measure impact force, dynamic or static, fire retardant, humidity/liquid and rust proneness. We provide custom packaging and dunnage tailored to any specific product. Our designing abilities cover a wide spectrum from wood, plastic and steel for automotive, aviation, chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.


We provide consultancy services for improving packaging processes for all types of export programs and domestic milk runs. The idea is to reduce freight costs, increase cubic utilization, improve logistics and reduce over all costs. We can also conduct audits for environmentally friendly processes within packaging norms including reduction or removal of all wastes as well as removal and replacement of environmentally polluting packaging materials with sustainable materials without affecting packaging requirements.